Administrative Office





Dr. Piera Gravenor

Ext. 215

Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Anthony Fitzpatrick

Ext. 214

Business Administrator

Mr. Joseph Collins

Ext. 250

Athletic Director

Mr. Ken Schoudt

Ext. 231

Evaluation and Research Coordinator

Mrs. MaryBeth Warfield

Ext. 548

District Supervisors

Mrs. Brianna Rucci

Dr. Mike Berner

Ext. 287

Ext. 276

Child Study Team

Mrs. Jackie Scerbo

Ext. 243

Facilities Director

Mrs. Margaret Durham

Ext. 238

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ryan Van Laeys

Ext. 273


Administration Office Staff


Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Mrs. MariaElena Conroy

Mrs. Judy Jusko

Ext. 216

Ext. 237

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Tracie Wolf

Ext. 270


High School



Mr. Fran Ciociola

Ext. 225

Vice Principal

Mr. Paul Berardelli

Mrs. Michele DePasquale

Ext. 207

Ext. 226


Middle School



Mr. John Bertolino

Ext. 299

Vice Principal

Dr. Lisa Niemi

Ext. 241